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The Alexander Technique has been recognised as a powerful tool for change, improvement, and personal development for over a hundred years. It all began when a young Australian actor, FM Alexander, experienced increasingly detrimental vocal issues when performing on stage in the late 1800's. Even after consulting every available medical specialist and vocal coach, and following their advice to the letter, he found that his problems persisted and actually got worse - namely that he was generally fine in normal conversational speech, but as soon as he took to the stage to perform, he would quickly become hoarse, and often lose his voice entirely.

Rather than just accept this situation and risk losing his career, FM Alexander asked a life-changing question -

"Is it not fair, then, (...) to conclude that it was something I was doing (...) in using my voice that was the cause of the trouble?"
(F.M Alexander, 'Evolution of a Technique' p.25, ch.1 from "The Use of the Self" pub. 1932)

What followed was an incredible personal quest of deeply analytical observations of himself, using complex arrangements of mirrors, to learn what was different about his manner of speaking in conversation, and that of delivering dramatic speeches on stage. After much detailed research, he concluded that he moved and behaved differently when speaking on stage, in such a way that he had indeed been causing the damage to his voice.

The outcome of this remarkable journey of discovery was a tangible set of physiological principles about the human body and the way in which we direct our thoughts, which in turn affects the way in which we move. By applying these principles to any activity we choose to do, we have the opportunity to achieve the very best we are capable of, perhaps even more than we had dared imagine, with a lot less effort than we may have thought was necessary, and an incredible sense of freedom.


Can it help me?

I truly believe that the Alexander Technique could benefit anyone who chooses to try it! That is a big claim, but based on my years of experience, starting as a beginner student taking lessons myself, through my years as a trainee teacher, and now as a professional certified teacher I have observed and participated in countless lessons which have brought huge benefit and joy to the student. It can be applied to almost any daily activity such as sitting, standing, walking, playing an instrument, using a computer, playing sports, lifting heavy items, dancing, public speaking - the list is almost endless!

So what happens in a lesson?

In a first lesson, we would usually work together with the student sitting in a chair, as this is a comfortable and straightforward way to explore some of the principles of Alexander Technique. There is typically a mixture of discussion and relevant questions to work with a student's intellectual powers of reasoning and increased awareness of their thoughts in relation to their physical movement-behaviours, along with light and non-invasive hands-on techniques by the teacher, to look at how a student is directing and using their body. By working together in this way, it is possible to eliminate potentially harmful habits and unlearn typical mental and physical response patterns which may be limiting a student's success. Alexander Technique teachers also believe strongly in the power of joy and laughter in learning this work, so be prepared to enjoy yourself!

There is no need to wear any special clothing, and you won't be asked to do any special exercises. Sometimes, students may choose to bring certain equipment pertinent to activities they wish to explore in relation to the Alexander Technique, for example their laptop, saxophone, or tennis racket! We can always discuss this as lessons progress, as each lesson is tailored specifically to the individual needs of the student.

Regardless of the activity you wish to work on, whether that is something as straightforward as sitting, or walking, or whether you wish to work on something more specialist, for example singing, typing, playing golf etc, outcomes can be as far-reaching and varied as improved posture; greater physical ease and freedom in activities such as music, dance, or sports; a feeling of physical lightness; as well as significant improvements in mental wellbeing, clarity of thought, and responses to stress and anxiety.

Lessons, Classes, Workshops

I am based in Chipping Sodbury, and teach privately from my home studio, as well as from Goldney House Wellness Centre for larger groups and classes.

Individual lessons are available for anyone, but may especially be helpful for people with prior experience or who have already attended a workshop, or who would like to work on specific activities in a more private setting. Group work is also a wonderful way to experience the change and improvement that comes from Alexander Technique. Not only can lessons be powerful experiences for the individuals themselves, but the energy that comes from learning this work in a group setting and observing the experiences of others, has wide-ranging benefits for all.

Whether you are looking for private 1:1 lessons or would prefer to work as part of a small group, please contact me for further details.

I also offer bespoke Introductory Workshops for larger groups wishing to experience Alexander Technique, for example in Educational, Wellbeing, Performance, Corporate or Business settings. These can be tailored to your client base, on a half or whole-day basis. If you're interested in this kind of workshop, please drop me an email.


Private 1:1 lesson 35GBP - typically 40 minutes

Small group (minimum 2 people) 25GBP per person - from 60 minutes (depending on numbers attending)

For larger groups and tailored workshops please contact me to discuss costs

Throughout my teacher training and professional career, I have worked with a hugely diverse range of students across all ages, including dancers, musicians, yoga practitioners, teachers, office workers, martial arts enthusiasts, public speakers, healthcare professionals, retirees, and sports people, all of whom have sought, and usually found, improvement from studying the Alexander Technique.

I am also currently a Visiting Trainer for the Wyvern Institute, introducing the Alexander Technique to students on their Foundation and Advanced training courses.

About Sarah

Sarah Loveridge is a professional Alexander Technique teacher, certified with the ITM (Interactive Teaching Method) and a member of the CNHC. Now with a dual career as a professional musician (more about that here www.sarahloveridge.co.uk), she first came across the Alexander Technique as a postgraduate music student, hoping it might help to eliminate the back pain, poor posture, and general discomfort she experienced from hours and hours of performing on the violin. This was merely the beginning of an incredible journey over the next 15+ years - not only is the back pain a long-forgotten memory, but every aspect of her life has vastly improved as a result of learning the Technique. After a long and rigorous training process towards certification, Sarah is proud to be realising a dream of bringing this incredible work to others as a professional teacher. She offers group workshops, one-to-one and small-group lessons, and can offer bespoke workshops for businesses and other organisations.

Sarah holds professional membership of the ITM Teachers' Association, and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), meaning she adheres to strict Codes of Conduct, Ethics, and Practice for both organisations. She is fully insured and has an enhanced DBS certificate. Please ask if you require further information.


"Working with Sarah helped me to notice the extra effort I was putting into everyday tasks. I came away having experienced, in a new way, a simplicity and vitality in these activities that I could take forward into daily life" Karen - Tutor

"Sarah holds a really open moving space. She is great at helping pinpointing habits and holding patterns, and helping you come to a calm and centred place. I loved our sessions and they gave me something to think about all week" Sam - Yoga Teacher

"It was great to meet you on Saturday. I didn't really know what to expect but I certainly didn't think I would have as powerful a response as I did during the short 1-1 session! I've been reflecting since then and would like to explore it more ... it's so exciting the prospect of experiencing in the long term how I felt during those few minutes!" Mike - Workshop participant

"I love my sessions with Sarah, she has a lovely relaxed style and the way she helps with the poise of my head is amazing, it feels so free! It's really interesting the way Sarah guides you through your thought processes for different movements and positions both with and without the instrument" Rachel - Professional Musician

Contact Information

Please get in touch if you have any questions that haven't been answered here, and if you would like to book an Introductory lesson, class, or Workshop:

Send me an email at hello@sodburyalexander.co.uk

Or give me a call on 07941 692928

I aim to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours - please keep an eye on your Spam folder in case my reply gets misdirected by the internet gremlins!



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